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These 6 signs say that YOU are the real problem in your relationship!

Work on yourself before you blame your significant other.

For a relationship to go forward smoothly both of you need to take conscious efforts. And when a relationship starts going down south, it is not the fault of just one person. It becomes easy for us to pass the blame on to our partners. It is difficult to take the blame and to be accepting of your own flaws. And that is where the real challenge lies. It takes a lot to accept your own mistakes and find ways to improve and rectify those flaws. If all this while, you have been conveniently blaming your significant other for all the problems in your relationship, it is time you do some introspection. Here are the 6 different signs that will tell that you are the real problem in your relationship and not your partner.

1. You let your partner do all the work
Woman shouting at her boyfriend
Woman shouting at her boyfriend

A healthy relationship is about both the partners taking equal responsibilities in a relationship. Be it household chores, expenses or making efforts to keep the relationship going, both of you need to take this up equally. If you let your partner do all the work and show the world that he does it willingly because he loves you, you know you are wrong here. It is only a matter of acceptance now.

2. Everything your partner does makes you mad
Woman thinking about her relationship
Woman thinking about her relationship

Maybe you have had a bad past, maybe you don’t trust him and maybe you are also over with the best time of your relationship. But it is on you to overcome all of this and accept your partner for the person he is. You just cannot tolerate him and everything he does annoys you real bad. Your patience doesn’t exist and even if he does something sweet for you, you still manage to find faults. So you see the problem here is you and not your partner.

3. His friends don’t really like hanging out with you

It is very unlikely that a group of people hating you is entirely their problem. It is also quite unlikely that the same group will despise you for no good reason. If your partner’s friends hate you and do not prefer hanging out with you, maybe there is something you have done to piss them off. You can partially blame the partner here for talking crap about you, but it is your fault as well because you may have stopped your partner from interacting too much with his friends or you talk ill about them.

4. It is hard for you to admit you made a mistake
A very sad girl looking upset with her man
A very sad girl looking upset with her man

You presumably want your relationship to stay beautiful and remain long lasting. To make this happen, start admitting your mistakes and reduce pointing fingers. You need to take ownership of anything wrong you have done only then will your partner do the same when they do wrong. Also, instead of focusing a lot on who is wrong just focus on how you can resolve the whole situation.

5. You bring up the past every time there is a fight

If you often bring up the past during fights and just don’t stick to the real problem, this is another sign that you are the biggest problem in your relationship. You also know that you do this to cover up your flaws. If this goes on for a long time, it won’t be too late when your partner is just giving up on you.

6. You don’t love yourself

In case you are wondering, this has got a lot to do with relationships. If you do not love yourself, it is unlikely for you to be able to give love to others. If you are unhappy with the way your life is, you tend to be unhappy about others as well and that will affect your relationship.

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If your relationship is now in a rocky phase, you need to accept it gracefully that you are the problem as much as your partner is. Nobody can be completely at fault in a relationship. Like we said, if it takes two people to make it work, it also is both your responsibility when things are going wrong. Do not be egoistic and just admit your mistakes. If you are guilty of all the signs mentioned above, you can still work on it and make things better.